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Jun 24, 2008

Random Retro Tuesday

Gonna try something new here today.

Step into the time portal with me. . .

I know I'm a little late on this one, but Arthur Russell = my kinda dude. Twisted genius who was eons before his time and was never really appreciated. He was an amazing cellist and composer, but here are some tracks from his dance era.

Arthur Russell - I Like You!

Arthur Russell - That's Us/Wild Combination

Next up is some good cheesy dance music by the infamous Jeff Lynn and his Electric Light Orchestra.
These are a couple of their lesser known hits that have a special place in my ticker.

Electric Light Orchestra - Twilight

Electric Light Orchestra - Last Train to London

You may have heard of this last band. Twisted genius status- the sequel. David Byrne and the aforementioned Mr. Russell made some rad tunes together.

Talking Heads - I Zimbra

Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere

Bonus (as if it were necessary):

Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime

Jun 18, 2008

On Off On

My good friend and musical cohort, Andrew Verner, also known as V-Tron, Vern Beans and Princess Cupcake(had to throw that one in there for nostalgic purposes), DJ's under the name ON OFF ON.

Here is some choice shit he's churned out recently.

Stardust - The Music Sounds Better With You (On Off On Remix)

Tiga vs. The Knife - Louder than a Heartbeat (On Off On Mash-up)

Be sure to catch him every Friday at the Galaxy Gallery on Melrose, and every other Tuesday at the Airliner in Downtown on Broadway.

- LP

Jun 15, 2008

Lions, Tigers and Wizards

Baaaassssically Late of the Pier are the new pimps of the blogosphere.

I'm not sure which one I dig more. At first it was the remix, but then again. . . .damn, I can't decide!

Late of the Pier - The Bears are Coming

Late of the Pier - The Bears are Coming (Beyond the Wizard Sleeve's Remix)

They are set to release their full-length debut next month on Zarcorp.

Be sure to pick it up!


Jun 13, 2008

Jun 9, 2008

Muxtape Madness

There's a mix on muxtape that yours truly uploaded earlier today.

Here it is for you listening pleasure.

1. DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano
2. Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Bag Raiders Remix)
3. Annie - I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me (Get Shakes Remix)
4. Late of the Pier - The Bears are Coming (Beyond the Wizard Sleeve's Remix)
5. Nhessington - You're the Summer (Yorda's Beat Club Edit)
6. Fat Lip - What's Up Fatlip (Breakbot Remix)
7. Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Boy's Noize Happy Birthday Remix)
8. Alex Gopher - Aurora (Riot in Belgium & Knightlife Remix)
9. Alan Wilkis - Milk and Cookies
10. Louis Larouche - On the Floor
11. Sebastien Tellier - Divine (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)
12. The Hasbeens - Make the World Go Away

DFA Dance Party at the MOMA in San Fran. . .

I feel I may have made a mistake by not going. . .
Ah well. . .C'Este la Vie

Jun 1, 2008

Small Rodents

Alex Gopher is one helluva french dj/producer. It's a fresh mix of funky electro with a taste of guitar. His vocals are nice and soothing, but soulful enough to sink in.

Try on a pair.

Alex Gopher - Out of the Inside

Alex Gopher - Brain Leech

Some newer instrumentals.

Alex Gopher - Bingo!

Alex Gopher - Aurora (Riot in Belgium & Knightlife Rmx)