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Aug 25, 2008

The Resurrection

I've been dropping the ball lately. No doubt it's been keeping people up at night. . . .

So if you haven't heard of Lovelock yet then you're not cool and we can't be friends. Think of the sweetest disco track and the trippiest Floyd jam making sweet love together. You guessed it. Lovelock. What I love about them is how they manage to sneak the word love into almost every song title. Props to XXjfg.

Lovelock - Dont Turn Away (From My Love)
(Cosmic Disco)

Lovelock - Love Reaction
(Cosmic Disco)

Next up is the single off of the new album by two of my favorite music makers.

Brian Eno & David Byrne - Strange Overtones
(Soul Pop)

Lastly we have some tracks that have been around for a bit by one of the founders of this resurgence of disco music.

Prins Thomas - Goettsching

(NuDisco/Easy Listening)

Blackbelt Anderson - Sirup (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
(NuDisco/Easy Listening)

Aug 5, 2008

Let the Robots Speak!

Today's post is dedicated to those depressed robots who are just looking for a means to an end. They choose to let out their sorrow over funky electro beats which induce all kinds of disco dancing. Without further ado. . .LET THE ROBOTS SPEAK!!

Crazy Gang - Every Sunday

The Hasbeens - Make the World Go Away

DMX Crew - The Glass Room

Aug 2, 2008

A Little of This/ A Little of That

If you like Junior Boys as much as I do, you'll be all over these two tracks.
Morgan Geist from Metro Area featuring Adam Greenspan of Junior Boys.

Morgan Geist - Most of All

Morgan Geist - The Shore

Now for a metal-head turned trippy, beat-laden melody-maker. Off of the Split with Eluvium who is great as well.

Jesu - Farewell

Let's go old school for a moment, shall we?

Gang of Four - Not Great Men
(Indie Rock/Punk Rock/Dance)

Gang of Four - Damaged Goods
(Indie Rock/Punk Rock/Dance)

Last but not least a few selections from the soundtrack to Donnie Darko. Micheal Andrews did an amazing job scoring this film and with all of the attention the film got, I'm not sure he gets the notoriety he deserved for it.

Micheal Andrews - Time Travel (Donnie Darko Soundtrack)

Michael Andrews - Waltz in the 4th Dimension (Donnie Darko Soundtrack)