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Jan 29, 2009

Dissonant Sounds

Here's a change of pace for you guys to chew on.

Circlesquare - Dancers

Jan 26, 2009

Jan 25, 2009

No Tomorrow

So I was thinking about doing a edit of the David Bowie song, "Fame."

Then I heard this house remix from the 90's floating around and decided that it would be nearly impossible to outdo.

Get down with your early-nineties self.

David Bowie - Fame 90' (House Remix)

Jan 18, 2009


There are two acts that are around today making honest, authentic, live-band-oriented disco. Escort is one of them. (Faze action is the other, but we'll save them for another time.)

I'm sure there are many more which have slipped under my radar, but until they show up as little blips on my green screen, here are some remixes and a live video by Escort.

Walter Meego - Forever (Escort Remix)

Tracy Thorn - It's All True (Escort's Extended Disco Remix)

I've Got the William's Blood

Grace Jones is great.

The remixes for "William's Blood" are phenomenal.

The Cosmic Jam remix was on of my best of 2008.

Here are the others to keep you movin' through the weekend.

Grace Jones - William's Blood (Aeroplane Remix)

Grace Jones - William's Blood (Greg Wilson Remix)

Grace Jones - William's Blood (Igor Guest Remix)

Jan 11, 2009

Sweet Dynamite!

Claudja Barry's, "Sweet Dynamite" was released in 1977 on Salsoul.

Here it is for your listening enjoyment.

Claudja Barry - Sweet Dynamite

and a little edit by yours truly. . .

Claudja Barry - Sweet Dynamite (Small Pyramids' Explosive Edit)

Jan 7, 2009

Best of 2008 - Part 3

A little late on this one, but perhaps you all will forgive me.

I have narrowed down my top albums of 2008 to just three.

Here they are in no particular order. . . .

1) Hot Chip - Made in the Dark

2) Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

3) Gang Gang Dance - St. Dymphna (minus the crappy rap song. . .?)


Here is the first track available for download off of my new album, Phantom Rain, Desert Hyms

Small Pyramids - Egyptian Love

Happy 2K9 Y'all.