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Apr 30, 2009

Who Needs Morality

Who needs morality?

I don't. Neither does In Flagranti.

Their new album is completely devoid of it.

I hear it's all subjective anyway.

In Flagranti - A Piece of False Morality

Apr 29, 2009

Do Dah Do Do

It seems like growing up as a child of gen y gave me the impression that the Rolling Stones were only for hicks and bikers. Turns out whomever was responsible for that happened to be completely wrong.

The Rolling Stones - Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo (Heartbreaker)

The Rolling Stones - Angie

Some hits from Goats Head Soup.

Apr 26, 2009


A blast from the past.

Air - Run

Apr 19, 2009


I wanted to be a spaceman. That's what I wanted to be.

Harry Nilsson - Spaceman

Apr 14, 2009

So Serious

So I just stumbled across this lovely song on one of my favorite blogs.

I don't know where A Mountain of One has been all of my life, but I'm glad they're here now.

A Mountain of One - Can't Be Serious

Apr 13, 2009

Leave Your World

Just got back from a jaunt in jolly olde England.

I had never been, so it was nice to take it in.

As I was making the journey in my steel bird far above the Atlantic, I let this track play out a few times.

Soft Rocks - Leave Your World Behind

Off of the second issue of the Milky Disco compilation. Check it out, all of the tracks are MAGIC.

Apr 2, 2009


As cheesy as this song may be, it's probably the most fun you'll have all evening.

How pathetic your life must be. =]

Den Haan - Nightshift

Apr 1, 2009

Pure Bliss

This one particular track seems to have orchestrated every awesome moment of the last two years of my life.

Partake in the fading sunshine.

Pacific - Sunset Blvd.