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Mar 29, 2009

The Night Sky to Infinity

Seems like Connor was able to lasso one little tiny aspect of what it is to be human. A flat-out beautiful song.

I'm under the impression that Digital Ash was a good album. Many would disagree with me about that.

Bright Eyes - Easy/Lucky/Free

Mar 25, 2009

Running Forever

This is one of those songs that makes me feel happy to be alive.

That is all.

Chromatics - Running Up That Hill

Mar 23, 2009

The Walrus Meets Acid House

Here is a pretty sweet mix of Paul McCartney with some funky acid house done by the one and only Shep Pettibone.

Put it on and let it ride.

Paul McCartney - Ou Est El Soleil (Shep Pettibone Mix)

Mar 22, 2009

Hot on the Heels of Love

Throbbing Gristle is an experimental band from the 70's that I think you all might enjoy.

Here's a little gem off of the album entitled, "20 Jazz Funk Greats."

Let this track suck your brain out of your ears and spit it back into your hands.

Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the Heels of Love

Mar 16, 2009

The Future Has Arrived

The Juan Maclean's new album entitled, "The Future Will Come" will be gracing ears in your local dance club anytime now, but until then here are a few tracks to wet the pallet.

The Juan Maclean - Accusations

The Juan Maclean - The Station

Mar 13, 2009

Time to Funk it Up

So its been a long while.

I won't pretend I have an excuse. . . because I don't.

Either way.

Let's funk some shit up.

Jamiroquai - Alright

Barry White - Ecstacy When You Lay Next to Me

Get those funk juices flowing.